Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Rocky Franchise

I had a lot of free time last weekend and I am very anxious to watch "Creed" (2015) since Marya had such awesome things to say about it. She also made me think about how great Silvester Stalone truly is. In her own words she said "He kept a character alive for us for almost 40 years." And when you put it that way and you really sit and watch these movies, you realize how epic they are.

Some moments that I love:

Dads and adoption

There are 100 things that I love about this commercial. I love how masculine it is and how it seeks to cross racial divides with love and fatherhood and masculinity.

Obviously - what I'm conveying is a very romantic view of this commercial but I love it and that is how it makes me feel.

Hadlee's Hymn

This short film is taking a while to get on it's feet. The actress that would be (perfect!!!) for this role can only film during the week. I would rather eat crud than miss a day with SBF and so - I dont' know if it'll get filmed anytime soon. But it's here. And done. And I'm really proud of this super short script. It's very much a lyrical film, a hymn. The idea of pushing someone away, distance - the longing to get closer. And I want to film it in Malibu with two girls in black dresses.

Be on the look out.

Sick is NOT Weak

I love my short hair

The challenge

I called my grandma the other day and we got to talking about how much she loves painting how much joy it's brought her, so late in life. It's so great to hear her speak with so much strength and happiness :) Or maybe the word is confident. She is confident this gives her so much. 

She's in a lull in her painting journey. She's been at it for a couple of years now and she feels insecure because she's not as good as the others. The other painters can paint a straight line without even trying. My grandmother tries hard. Real hard. And it dosen't seem to work for her.

I find myself having the same frustration. I think I'm supposed to do just what the other kids are doing in this film biz and I think I'm missing the mark. The older I get the more I feel like God is calling me to simply be who I am and to do my personal best - and to do it gloriously. 

And so I gave my grandma the same encouragement. 

These two

Anson and Christina saw each other after some time apart. She went down to Irvine for a school group function and spent time with this charming young man. I can't even begin to describe how much joy these two have brought into my life. Every time I feel confused about the trajectory of my life, when I feel lost and have no idea what's going to happen next, I am reminded that moving to California was all worth it if only to have met these two. These two <3